Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Using Medleys

“So my heart will sing to you unceasingly, Yahweh, my God, I shall praise you forever.” – Psalm 30:12

At the beginning of the session, I need to spend time talking to the people, motivating them to participate, all the time working towards the breakthrough. Once the people are in, it’s better to ease those things out and just sing – this helps to move the focus towards the Lord rather than myself. Especially when the flow has moved from euphoric praising towards deep Worship, the less said and more sung is better!

If I keep saying those long, long prayers at the beginning and end of every song, the people would only close their eyes and try to concentrate on me and whatever I am saying. But when I keep those songs going, then it’s something else! Then THEY would JOIN IN, participate in the song, and as we keep singing TOGETHER, we flow from one song to another letting the song itself to be our prayer to the Living God (Psalm 42:8). For me, worshiping together beats the Worship Leader’s monologue prayers any day!

Using a medley is a very effective method of continuous Worship – it can really help take the session to greater heights if done properly at the right time. A medley of 2 or 3 songs flowing for 10 to 15 minutes somehow facilitates an outpouring of free worship and praise at the end of it and occasionally also leads to spontaneous songs in the Spirit. Medleys enable smooth and easy transitions from one song to another and are very useful to build the continuity and flow of the Worship session.

Monday, 31 March 2014